HCD New Soft Skills Programs

New Soft skills Programs


1. Strategic Planning and Visions of the future.
2. Skills to deal with Superiors and Subordinates.
3. Total Quality "Introduction to Performance".
4. The Behavioral Entrance for Stimulation and Motivation at Wrok.
5. Change Management: Challenges and Applications "The Entrance of the post-revolution".
6. Human Resources Management and Human Capital.
7. Time Management and the Pressures of Work "The Entrance of the value-added".
8. Personal Interviews Systems, Selection and Recruting.
9. Follow-up and performance evaluation, "the entrance of a contemporary practical".
10. Applications approach the competitive advantage on the functional policies.
11. Effective Communication Skills "An applied Entrance".
12. Financial Management "Applied Entrance for non-financials".
13. Crisis Management "A functional and diagnostic Entrnace".
14. Negotiation Strategies "Tactical Entrance".
15. Supervisory Skills Development.
16. Preparation and Report Writing "Introduction to Achieve Quality".
17. Management Skills Development.
18. Presentation Skills.
19. Leadership Skills of Future.
20. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.