About Us

Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform is the prime champion to support the foundation & establishment of the National Management Institute (NMI).

The National Management Institute of the Arab Republic of Egypt has been established with a mind set to be a Regional Development Consultant & an implementation arm in the areas of human capital development, administrative capacities development & information technology professional services.

NMI operates as a profit oriented organization while promoting Excellence within the government, private sector’s and the entire MENA region. NMI has established strong ties and relationships with accredited organizations and specialized entities that are internationally recognized. Such network of relations, complements NMI offerings with a wide spectrum of products, services & knowhow's that can be delivered to serve the performance improvement cause of businesses & e-government essentials / capacities (equally).

Background Summary:

  • 1954 : Foundation of the Public Administrative Institute PAI in Egypt
  • 1961 : Establishing an alliance with Harvard & changing the name to “National Institute of Management (NIM)”
  • 1980 : Merging NIM with Sadat Academy “Focusing upon Education”
  • 2006 : An updated presidential decree to restructure & establish the National Management Institute (NMI) of Egypt as an independent professional, service oriented entity.


Become the core center of excellence in management consultancy.

The National Management Institute (NMI) has a clear strategic vision to become the Regional Premier Center of Excellence providing Professional Consultancy Services and Leadership Development.


To provide Innovative Professional Consultancy IPC where the NMI encompasses being an implementation arm, with aspiration to undertake the challenges of:

  • Human Capital / Management Skills Development.
  • Administrative Capacities Development.
  • Information Technology Professional Services.
  • Organizational Development.

NMI Objectives

Performance Improvement is the base of our professional engagement model

  • Shaping Management Practices.
  • Build Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.
  • Develop & Certify Organizations Professionals.
  • Develop Management, Business, Operations & Technical Skills.
  • Educate, Train (Capacity Development) & Certify.
  • Promote Awareness with Governance, Risk & Competency Frameworks.
  • Change Management.
  • Implement Information Security principles.. ISMS,ITIL etc.

NMI Activities

HR Capacity & Organization Development

  • Human Resource Development.
  • Organizational Development (OD) Consultancy services.
  • Nation’s Good Governance Center.
  • Government Distinguished Awards Program.
  • Change Leaders Initiative (CLI).

Excellence Professional Services “PCISS”

  • Business Governance Risk Compliance GRC.
  • Secure Qualification (SQ) for IT-Systems.
  • Security Framework through ITIL.
  • ISO 27xxx Awareness & Education services.
  • ISMS Training.