Excellence with NMI

 Are you really a constructive person? Are you the person who sees opportunities rather than problems? Are you someone who seeks to improve things?...

If you are all of these, simply come to NMI. We help people learn to do things in a different way, we push people to utilize their talents and skills, we enhance people to motivate each other, leaders to encourage and invest best of energies, thoughts and talented ideas.

NMI believes that companies have a purpose and a role in society and today firms are more important and relevant to society than ever. Institutes as well are social institutions that must be profitable and efficient, but short-term profits are not their only final goal. Firms and institutes must exist to offer goods and services that suit customer needs and also exceed their expectations.
If such entities do a good job, they will not only generate profits in the process but will also invest in people development, physical capital and technology.
We (NMI) also examine how organizations can become respected institutions and how the board of directors and the senior management team can play a key role in this process.
 People in NMI feel inspired by the power of responsible business to tackle social problems or bring about social change. The concept highlights the fact that working towards social change and achieving excellence are mutual intention for organizations.
This is also aligned with NMI's mission of creating leaders who will direct organizations towards long-term success, while keeping in mind social challenges. NMI is not only for those who want to work in responsible business, but for all professionals who want to be (or already are) effective and responsible leaders. But, in order to work with a wide range of people, leaders need to develop cultural intelligence, that understand the ability to understand others, to make them understand and to find away to fulfill the needs and expectations of different cultures, thus, a lot was based on the leadership and the way leaders do things.

Competition must be considered as an integrated goal of all members of an organization. From bottom to top all must be involved and all must share the race. Competition is no longer the responsibility of seniors or top management levels. Approaching this way, all employees act in an integrated process and in harmony with each other serving one ultimate goal called "excellence".

Trying to excel and to achieve competitiveness for Management and HRD in Egypt, the goal is to achieve production breadth, depth and diversity; these goals are intimately related to training and elevating skills and encouraging (fastening) talents.
So, Management and HRD are, of course, challenging issues of paramount importance so as to coordinate collaboration between scientists, engineers, laborers, managers and managing entities in comprehensive way. Thus, there is a need to streamline the purchasing process of specialized calibers and brilliant minds to push the wheel. 

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