HCD Scope of work

Systematic training and coaching are provided by the Human Capacity Development within the National Management Institute and are delivered by introducing the trainee to management and leadership fields. This is through exploration of new trends, knowledge practice and effective applications leveraging innovative tools and

Services are offered (but not limited to):

1. Training / Certificate Programs.
2. Pre-defined Programs.
3. Customized Programs.
4. Conferences.
5. Workshops and Seminars.
6. Consultancy.
7. TNA.
8. Alumni (upcoming service).

The suitable venue is opted for in accordance to the clients’ preference. This may be:

1. Client’s Premises.
2. NMI’s Premises.
3. External Locations (an external training center or an adequate hotel meeting room).
4. Remote Locations (outside of Cairo - for programs that require high concentration - to ensure isolation).

Registration for the predefined training programs is done through the online application on the web site: www.nmi.gov.eg or printing the application form and sending it via Fax server.