HCD Training Programs

Senior Managers Programs

1.  Managing Globalization
2.  Senior Management Development (SMD)
3.  Senior Executive Development Program (SEDP)
4.  Organizational Development Certificate Program (ODCP)
5.  Change Management Certificate Program (CMCP)
6.  Leadership Development Program (LDP) “New”

Senior & Middle Managers Programs

7.  Government Leaders' Academy (GLA)
8.  Change Leaders Initiative Training (CLIT)
9. The Bullet Proof  Manager (BPM)
10. Strategic Thinking , Planning and Managing.
11. Environmental Management and Planning.
12. Human Resources Management (HRM)
13. Integrated Organization Management (IOM)
14. Business Etiquette “New”
15. Coaching for Performance “New”
16. Interpersonal Communication  Skills  “New”
17. Leadership Skills “New”
18. Negotiation Skills: Achieving Successful Outcomes “New”
19. Building and Leading A Team “New”

Middle Managers Programs

20. Health Care Management (HCM)
21. Effective People Management
22. Finance For Non Financials
23. Journey To Leadership (J2L)
24. Project Management Professional (PMP)
25. Change Management  “New”
26. Derivatives Finance  “New”
27. Creativity and Entrepreneurship  “New”
28. Enterprise Process Improvement  “New”
29. Talent Management  “New”
30. HR Management for Managers  “New”
31. Strategic HR Management  “New”
32. Services Marketing  “New”
33. Export Marketing  “New”
34. Internet and Social Network Marketing  “New”
35. IT Project Management  “New”
36. Leadership Development  “New”
37. Organizational Development  “New”
38. Post Secondary Education Training  “New”
39. Public Policy Education  “New”
40. Advanced Management Skills  “New”
41. Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills   “New”
42. Leadership & Management Skills for New Managers & Supervisors  “New”
43. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)   “New”

Front Line Employees Programs

44. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
45. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)  “New”
46. ELITE: Customer Service Excellence in Tourism  “New”
47. English for Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals  “New”
48. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction  “New”