Professional Consultancy & Information Security Services (PCISS)

A newly established professional business unit “Professional Consulting & Information Security Services”. PCISS was developed undertaking the advisory, consultancy, and even execution roles of the e-Gov projects in the government sector, thus ensuring the project completion with high quality outcomes and realizing & fulfilling the strategic mandate of Egyptian government.

The NMI’s Excellence Center is considered to be an Innovative Model that cultivates the Quality culture of Governmental Services.
The NMI Excellence Center will include R&D strategies, best practices and consolidated case studies, adopting new technological and business models supporting the implementation and development plans, mainly for the Egyptian Government, but also for all other interested organizations.


The preferred core of excellence partner developing both, Government & Corporate GRC (Governance Risk Compliance), Infrastructure & Professional IT services. The center will tackle best of breed in relevant technologies. It will help its clients to define strategies for the allocation of people, process and technology resources to reduce the cost and complexity of designing, deploying, and maintaining their information infrastructure.


• Maintaining operations efficiency while containing operations costs.
• Optimizing data center and IT environment to facilitate business growth.
• Supporting organizations to define strategies for their IT infrastructure resources.


• Infrastructure Excellence.
• Data Center Services.
• Applications Hosting Services.
• Content Management.
• Operational Services.
• Software Excellence and Enterprise Architecture.
• Governance Risk Compliance GRC
• Accreditation & Certification
• Applications Integration Services.
• Quality Assurance.
• Security Core Competence:

              o Security Assessment Services. 
              o Enterprise Security Services.
              o Physical Security & Site preparation.
              o Managed Security Services.
              o Public Key Infrastructure PKI services.
              o Establishing & supporting the development of Certificate Authorities CAs (including operation).