Change Leaders Initiative (CLI)

CLI is considered one of the most focal mandates of the Ministry of state for administrative development (MSAD). It is a tool to push forward change process in the Government Of Egypt (GOE) as a fundamental requirement responding to frequent changes nationally, regionally and internationally.


To have the Government  structure as a model of commitment, adherence to noble principles, dedication sense of belonging and securing public property in a way that positively affects work mechanism and gives a momentum to progress and development in Egypt.


Developing mechanisms to positively change civil servants in the government's administrative structure, in order to motivate the sense of belonging, secure public property, fulfill personal goals through the fulfillment of state goals and ensuring the well being of the Egyptian Society.


1. To positively change a group of interests organizing, techniques, technology and most of  all people; who are considered the corner stone of the whole process of change.

2. To positively change the way of thinking, trends, interests, values and behaviors of  civil servants in the Government


-  Meetings and seminars
-  Workshops.
-  Interviews.
-  Face- to- face Sessions.
-  Success stories (Best Practices)
-  Training courses.
-  Periodical meetings with Minstries concerned with change.