Human Capacity Development (HCD)

Nowadays, the real assets of any successful organizations are not just measured or limited to the size of its financial capacities, but more important is the intellectual property these organizations harness & the existence of continuous human resources (HR) development plans.

The stream of developments we witness in our world today has imposed the need for speedy changes to keep up with these developments; training will remain the prime solution towards achieving an effective & successful development.


Define where the organization is, and propose the range of appropriate options, create a group of executive managers/leaders who are capable in leading the change and transformation of the government towards better performance, higher efficiency, and so guarantee the welfare of the public in receiving more efficient & better quality services.


- Provide Qualitative and quantitative effective training for holders of supervisory and leadership posts.
- Develop performance and improve business process(presenting government services) methodologies.
- Optimize “State Resources” utilization.
- Raise the technological and administrative standards of employees.
- Raise the awareness of employees with regard to the techniques and ethics of their profession.


- Top Management and Stakeholders “Senior Executive Programs”.
- Middle Management “Advanced Management Programs”.
- Technological and Administrative Training for Employees.


Systematic training and coaching are provided by the Human Capacity Development within the National Management Institute and are delivered by introducing the trainee to management and leadership fields. This is through exploration of new trends, knowledge practice and effective applications leveraging innovative tools and techniques.

- Services are offered (but not limited to):

1. Training / Certificate Programs.
2. Pre-defined Programs.
3. Customized Programs.
4. Conferences.
5. Workshops and Seminars.
6. Consultancy.
7. TNA.
8. Alumni (upcoming service).

- The suitable venue is opted for in accordance to the clients’ preference. This may be:

1. Client’s Premises.
2. NMI’s Premises.
3. External Locations (an external training center or an adequate hotel meeting room).
4. Remote Locations (outside of Cairo - for programs that require high concentration - to ensure isolation).

Registration for the predefined training programs is done through the online application on the web site  or printing the application form and sending it via Fax server.


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